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Maurice Claypole

Selected links

Here are a few links to some of my other sites or web-based activities. There are more and I guess I will get round to including them in time.

YouTube Channel | LinguaServe Online

This is my YouTube channel. It is used mainly in connection with conference appearances and web-based English lessons. The original channel name was simply ‘LinguaServe’, but the gremlins got in whilst I was registering the site, so I had to change the name.

Translators’ network | ProZ

ProZ is a worldwide network of professional translators. This is my profile on the ProZ website.

Learning platform | Workspace

The LinguaServe Workspace was developed as a communications platform and lesson portal for teachers and students at my language school.

Online lessons |

This site was developed to host the online lessons for a series of blended learning courses. I also incorporated a video of our Second Life receptionist, Blondie, who features in some of the downloadable lessons.