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Maurice Claypole


Publishing venture

- rapidly expanding.

See separate page.

Health Policy Developments

Book translation

TU Interactive

Specialised language course software for trade unions.

Kombi Campus

Sound files and language teaching content

COLT - Content-Oriented Language Teaching

Ongoing project

Virtual Worlds and ELT

Ongoing project

International conferences

Talks and keynote speeches

LinguaBooks Academic Publishing

Translation of pharmaceutical, dental, technical, logistics and other documentation

Search engine evaluation for Leapforce

Online lessons and sound files for German Federal Language Institute

Virtual language school in Second Life

LinguaServe WorkSpace online platform


A selection of recent projects

This list is not complete and in no particular order but is intended to serve as an overview of some of my recent projects

CALL Review

Learning technologies journal - editor

European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL

- publisher

Translation in ELT

Various papers and publications. Book in progress.