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More than teaching and translating

Like many people whose professional life covers a number of areas, a lot of what I do does not fit easily into simple categories. This site gives a brief overview of some of the activities I am involved in. It will be updated from time to time but not on a regular basis.

Nowadays, most of my time is taken up by running a language school in Germany and a publishing company in the UK. However, I am also increasingly finding time to express myself through articles, books and other media, and whilst my prime interests are firmly rooted in the fields of language, linguistics and methodology, my interests extend to other areas too. These include not only software development and new media projects but also topics as diverse as chaos theory, health policy, dental technology and the performing arts.

As for relaxation, the gentle chug-chug-chug of cruising the cut in a 55 foot narrowboat comes fairly high up the list.

Maurice Claypole BA Hons, MA (Lond), MCIL, CertEd, FCollT, AITI, PhD

Author, Translator and Language Consultant

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The concepts of fractal geometry are central to my view of the world.

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